Colour Profiles


According to our clients' wishes we have published the ICC profiles of our devices here. You can adjust your data to the specific requirements of various printing materials.


It goes without saying that all our profiles are constantly updated. If you have any advice or experiences with our profiles, please send us an e-mail to


We do not accepts responsibility for damages that may occur when using the profiles listed below.


Profile für Epson  Stylus Pro 9900 / 11880

The profiles generated by us are integrated into the RIP, describing the output colour space in CMYK mode and compensating for optical brighteners in the papers. Therefore, it is not possible to judge the colour of the print by the soft proof. The files can be converted into the colour space of the respective printer by using the Photoshop feature Edit – Convert into profile to load the profile.


Profiles for Epson Stylus Pro 9900

Museo Portfolio Rag

Museo Silver Rag

Museo Max

Hahnemühle Photo Rag


Profiles for Epson Stylus Pro 11880

Museo Portfolio Rag

Museo Silver Rag

Museo Max



Profiles for Fuji Frontier

Our profiles have been created in order to allow printing of the file without the need for colour conversion. As this is an RGB device, the workflow is conducted in RGB mode. You can use the profiles generated by us yet you can also deliver your documents in sRGB or Adobe RGB.


Fuji Frontier Glossy

Fuji Frontier Matt 



Profiles for OCE Lightjet XXL

This is another RGB device, therefore the workflow is conducted in RGB. Output formats are usually bigger and we advise you to send us an original or otherwise deliver as much data as possible regarding colour, brightness and contrast. For very large formats the data should be testes first. The profiles below will give you an idea but they may appear very different on much smaller monitors compared to large-format paper.


Fuji Glossy

Fuji Matt

Kodak Metallic

Kodak Endura Glossy

Kodak Premier Matt