Scans: Turning Analog into Digital


Converting and reprocessing analog into digital data is the pinnacle of digital processing. This process requires a well-trained eye, time and modern technology. Therefore, we are working with high-quality scanning systems to convert your original into a perfect digital file.


Raw scans

The raw scan is a good draft for choosing the pictures or using them on the web. Our internet bundle is a good idea for your archive, offering development and raw scans of small and medium formats.


High end scans

With the Imacon Flexscan we are scanning colour-neutral scans for small format pictures to 4x5 inches, resulting in picture sizes of up to 125 megapixel / 715 MB. Dust and regular contaminations will be retouched digitally. Surcharges apply only for severely damaged original data.


Drum scans

Drum scans are second to none when it comes to details as the light sensors catch the colour intensity and are therefore able to reproduce even very dark and very light areas. Our specially trained experts will scan negatives, slides and other originals up to a size of 65 x 50 centimetres on the Chroma Graphs 3400.