Current Exhibitions

Valdimir Sichov


8. September bis 30. Oktober 2017



Vladimir Sichov was born in 1945 in the city of Kazan, USSR. After graduating from Kazan

Aviation Institute he worked as a radio engineer in Baikonur, the Soviet Space Center. At the end of 1972 he moved to Moscow to become a professional photographer. From 1974 until his departure from the USSR at the end of 1979, he started to organize in his apartment exhibitions of unofficial artists, who were his friends. In February 1980 he arrived in Paris and became the first soviet photographer to show everyday life in the USSR. His first publication was a 44–page story in “Paris Match” magazine, which was followed by a 55 – page cover in “Stern” magazine. He was then published in “Life” magazine and in 4 issues of Italian “Oggi”. At the end of 1980 “Paris Match” published a book “The Russians seen by Vladimir Sichov” which came out later in “Little & Brown” in New York as “Marx Does Not Live There Anymore”. The book was also published in Italy. By the end of 1980 Vladimir Sichov became the most published photographer in the world. In May 1980 he was invited by Larry King to appear on his midnight radio talk show and after that he was on prime time with Dan Rather, Tom Brokaw and Peter Jennings on their TV news shows. Just after the first “Paris Match” publication, Helmut Newton, the fashion photographer, met Vladimir Sichov and they became friends. It was Helmut Newton who advised French “Vogue” to give a trial contract to a new Russian photographer. This led to a 40 – page first publication (“Haute Couture seen by Vladimir Sichov”) and a firm contract. Vladimir Sichov became the first photographer with whom French “Vogue” signed a contract in 50 years of its existence. In 1981 Vladimir Sichov was invited to take part in a book project “A Day in the Life of Australia” along with 100 of the worlds best photographers. This was followed in 1986 by “A Day in the Life of America”. In 1985 Vladimir Sichov published “ Iceland Crucible”, a book about artistic renaissance in Iceland and “Taize” a book about a community of monks in France. In his professional life Vladimir Sichov photographed all major events which happened between 1980-2010: the fall of the Berlin Wall, revolution in Rumania, Mikhail Gorbatchev and family, the coups in Moscow in 1991 and 1993. He also travelled with all French Presidents ( Giscard D’Estaing, Francois Mitterrand, Jacques Chirac, Nicolas Sarkozy. He covered the Olympic Games, Soccer World Cups and other sports events. His photographs were exhibited in Russia in the Tretyakov Gallery and “Na Vsolnom” in 2009. In 2011 nine Russian writers published a book “1+9” about the photographer Vladimir Sichov. Pierre Berge used his photograph for the cover of his book “Letters to Yves” (Yves Saint Laurent). The Pompidou Center in Paris (the Beaubourg Museum) took 14 photographs taken by Vladimir Sichov for their permanent collection, part of which can still be seen at the “Kollektsia +” an exhibition of Russian contemporary arts.




Past Exhibitions

Gundula Schulze Eldowy

"Der Wind füllt sich mit Wasser" 1977 - 2017



Svenja Trierscheid: sand

19. August bis 25. September 2016

 Svenja Trierscheid is a berlin-based photographer and videographer. After she studied Intermedia Design in Trier, she focused her work on analogue portrait/ cityscape/ travel photography and moody cinematography. Always eager to expand her spectrum, she co-founded the audiovisual collective SKIN, that acts between Germany and Luxembourg.

Waterscapes : Ulf Saupe

12. Februar bis 15. April 2016


Ulf Saupe collects photographs of the waters of the world. The mobility, the power and, at the same time, the calmness of the versatile element fascinate the artist. The Waterscapes series features snapshots from the constant flow of natural water. Saupe plunges from the surface further into the depths. His artistic work asks direct questions about our vital relationship with the element water. It analyses the significance and the future of water and how we interact with it. “In the large-size cyanotypes, an early photographic technique from the 19th century, the inner character of water is revealed.” - Ulf Saupe


Joerg Rubbert

- life is a beach-shortcuts -

2. Oktober bis 31. Dezember 2015


Joerg Rubbert tries to capture the beach-life, by documenting the curious or even weird situations in apparently unimportant scenes without inducing stereotype impressions.

The photographs illustrate people’s preferred way of spending their leisure time, whether they hang out on the beach or at the nearby boardwalk.

In the sun all of them strive for the 'ease of being'. Far from workaday life and free from social hierarchy and ranks, the problems of the individual are relativizing and can be allayed. Hereby people lose their social context and partly their identity.



- Ritual und Realität -

25. Juli bis 22. September 2015


In Ritual and Realitywe join Garbasz on her journey through Japan’s Fukushima Prefecture, where on March 11, 2011, the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant was hit by a tsunami triggered by the Tohoku earthquake. The resulting catastrophic failure has become the largest nuclear incident since the 1986 Chernobyl disaster. Garbasz’s investigation into Fukushima continues her life-long quest to explore and document spaces that have gone through a serious trauma. 


Oliver Kern


November 2014 bis Mai 2015


Jörg Rubbert

'Running Legs'

17. Juni - 31. August 2013


Andrea Stappert »Martin Kippenberger Portraits«

11. November 2011 - 12. Januar 2012



19. August - 27.September 2011


Anna Werkmeister »Videostills«

02.12. - 11. 01. 2011


Gunter Glücklich »In die Ebene«

23. 09. -  04. 11. 2011



Miguel Ferraz »Paris Hôtel«

16. 06 - 05. 08. 2011


Dirk Hasskarl »one man's trash is another man's treasure«

05. 05. - 16. 06. 2011


Sven Marquardt »Portraits«

07. 03. - 21. 04. 2011


Roland Poppensieker »22 Days«

13. 01. - 27. 02. 2011


Sandra Bergemann »Gesichter der DEFA«

27. 08. - 28. 09. 2010